Water & Movement

Leap of Faith
Related by marriage to white-water kayakers, I am frequently on the edge of conversations about water - its shape, flow and its holes, lines and eddies. The allure of water on people is strong. The irresistible pull of moving water is liberating – a kind of effortless, floating motion. In this photo, the kayaker takes this freedom to the next level, plummeting with his aquatic vehicle over a waterfall on the Elk River near Elko.

Photo by Jamie Hide

Not much can top a beautiful summer afternoon of playing on the Elk River.

Photo by Kevan Wilkie

I love how the constant rolling of the surface of the ocean compliments the colors of fire, in the sky. The motion of water can have an emotional effect which is perfect for photography.

Photo by Lisa Gover

This was shot on a fall day at Cottonwood Park in Nelson, BC. Nelson is much more humid than Fernie and moss seems to grow everywhere creating a great contrast against the white rushing water.

Photo by Nick Nault

Each month we are in awe of the talented photographers that submit to 'Through The Lens'. Here are July's picks!

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