Monster Energy - 2013 Enemy Lines

Monster Energy
Published on 9 Apr 2013

The inaugural Monster Energy Enemy Lines defied odds and weather today. This one-of-a-kind race sent 20 skiers straight down Fernie Alpine Resort in a bid for a share of 20 thousand dollars. Monster Energy legend Dan Treadway set it off with a shotgun start as the racers hurled themselves down the Mountain. With no gates, the field of skiers picked whichever line they thought fastest and charged through fog and variable snow conditions.

Stan Rey from Whistler, BC, walked away with the win, $5000 and bragging rights. A triumphant Stan told Monster, "It was pretty crazy; big airs, passing people, the conditions weren't great but they ended getting off a great event and we all had a bunch of fun as you can see."

Enemy Lines breaks new ground in skiing and with today's success Monster Energy is already making plans with Fernie Alpine Resort for next year.