Tammy Marcer Gallery Show

Event Date(s): 
Thursday, May 30, 2024
7:00pm - 9:00pm

"Kootenays in Colours"

Artist Statement

Embarking on a journey through the vibrant landscapes of the Kootenays and beyond, I was awash with a spectrum of colour and feeling that beckoned me to capture its essence. The picturesque scenery, from verdant valleys to crystal-clear lakes, offered a canvas unlike any other. This adventure was not just about travel; it was a pilgrimage in search of inspiration for what would become my first art gallery exhibit: Kootenays in Colours.

My initial enchantment with the Kootenays was ignited by a single, captivating photograph that showcased the areas awe-inspiring beauty under the glow of an afternoon sun. This image, alive with vibrant hues and a tranquil yet wild essence, planted a seed within me. It was not long before this blossomed into a fervent yearning to immerse myself in these landscapes, to see, feel, and ultimately paint them through my own lens. This anticipation of discovery, of unearthing new vistas and hues, was the wellspring of my inspiration. The natural splendor, and shifting seasons, unveiled fresh palettes and moods, feeding my artistic vision and setting the stage for my journey into art.

Choosing the right venue was critical—a place that not only highlighted the art but also echoed the spirit of the Kootenays. As I was born in Fernie, so shall be my art. The Arts Station was my only choice for my first gallery show. It was an environment that promised engagement and appreciation from a diverse audience. The vibrant colours and landscapes that I had so meticulously translated onto canvas will be the subjects of admiration and critique. This vibrant interaction will be the ultimate affirmation of my journey, a sign that my canvas has become a bridge. This bridge will be the link between my inner world with the outer world of others, fostering a shared experience of wonder and reflection. I step into the future, ready to embrace the myriad of colours and feelings that await me.

Artist Bio

Tammy is a digital artist, whose self-taught journey has culminated in a body of works as vibrant and diverse as the experiences that have shaped her. Tammy strives to captivate viewers with a unique blend of passion, emotion and depth. Tammy’s artistry is characterized by its dynamic use of color and texture, creating works that are not just seen but also felt. Tammy’s approach to digital art is intuitive and exploratory, pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques with innovative use of light and shadow. From the serene landscapes to the chaotic abstracts, Tammy’s travels have been the cornerstone of her artistic inspiration. Her portfolio is a rich tapestry of vivid colors, intricate patterns and forceful compositions that reflect the diversity and beauty of the world as seen through her eyes. Tammy’s work invites viewers on a visual journey that transcends boundaries and sparks the imagination.

As she prepares for her first gallery show, Tammy stands at the cusp of a new chapter in her artistic journey. Join Tammy as she embarks on this exciting phase of her career, and experience the world through her inspired creations. Her gallery show is not just an exhibition - it’s a celebration of the passion, perseverance and perspective that define her as an artist.

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