Pattern Drafting Workshop

Event Date(s): 
Friday, November 17, 2023
Saturday, November 18, 2023
Sunday, November 19, 2023

Have you ever wanted to create your own patterns that fit your body? Struggle with store bought patterns or can't find one you like? This workshop is for you! Join Louise Ferguson to learn how to draft a female basic block pattern which can then be used for creating other designs. Each student will develop their own blocks (a basic pattern used as a tool to create other patterns) and will then learn how to use the block to draft other patterns. The class will teach flat techniques of drafting but Louise will also demonstrate draped pattern making. We will also discuss common obstacles when creating patterns and sewing your own clothes. Basic understanding of patterns and sewing is required to get the best out of this workshop. No sewing will take place during the weekend but you will need an understanding to be able to sew with the created patterns after the workshop.

Use creation to clear your mind at the Elk Valley Suicide Task Force’s Art Cleansing Sessions. This is not an art class, but an expressive art experience.

These sessions focus on building community and connection, rather than skills. You’re encouraged (but not obligated) to utilize the safe space to talk amongst peers, share experiences, thoughts and feelings, and find community support. This experience is for you to make marks on a page, and explore what comes up internally. Perhaps you’ll surprise yourself, make yourself laugh, or find a new friend or hobby to support your mental health journey.

Friday November 17th 7-9pm
Saturday November 18th 10-3pm
Sunday November 19th 10-3pm

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