Erich Stoffels Gallery Show

Event Date(s): 
Thursday, August 31, 2023
7:00pm - 9:00pm

"Coast's Creatures"

Artist Statement

Maybe you've been there, maybe you've never had to feel that feeling. That feeling of spinning your wheels. The gut feeling of knowing deep down that while you're doing something you're good at, it's not something you LOVE. You go about the motions and you get the job done but it doesn't bring you joy. It doesn't fill your soul. In the Spring of 2022, I was inspired to start filling my soul. Allowing myself time to get back to my creative roots, I began to bring to life a series of vibrant and interesting creatures. Creatures that brought me joy. Creatures that made me smile. Creatures that made other people smile. With that joy, I felt my soul coming back to life. This encouraged me to start creating more art that I could use to bring happiness and inspiration to others. One of my favourite characters to paint is the Shark. Alongside my Shark Collection, will be a series of animals and creatures, both real and mythical, created in my unique style. 

Artist Bio

Erich Stoffels is a local artist who began calling the Elk Valley home in 2012. After spending his childhood immersed in drawing and painting, Erich began to develop his aerosol technique, with spray paint quickly becoming his medium of choice. Using aerosol paint as a back drop, he also includes acrylic paint, wood working and resin pouring in his projects - creating a unique street style of art that brings color and vibrancy to its surroundings.

Erich is often found inspiring his two sons to develop their creativity and when he is not working on creating his next masterpiece, can be found outdoors snowboarding or paddle boarding with his wife and their family, or spending time with his energetic pup Pepsi.

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