Theo Robinson Gallery Show

Event Date(s): 
Thursday, January 26, 2023
7:00pm - 9:00pm

"Displacement Theory"

Artist Statement

My work is heavily influenced by the minimalist and abstract elements of the emerging post-graffiti and graffuturism movements. These movements seek to re-evaluate traditional art movements through the lens of graffiti and street art and have evolved from street art’s youthful rebellion.

My art incorporates the abstract forms, textures and application methods found in aerosol art. These are informed by my environment and experiences. In each work, spray paint is used to build abstract motifs, landscapes and patterns that use counterpoint, tension, colour and object hierarchy create balanced but intriguing paintings.

The title of the exhibition, ‘Displacement Theory’, has many interpretations. From an art practice point of view, the addition of any object or mark to a painting requires a rearranging or the visual hierarchy and subsequent balance and tension of a painting, as one object will displace (or balance) another within the work. From a more esoteric point of view it represents the flows of human movement, specifically my path to Canada and Fernie, but also on a more global scale the constant patterns of movement that have been so restricted these past few years for both geo-political but also public health related reasons.

Born in London, growing up in Australia, I spent my time hopping between London and Melbourne during my 20s and was lucky have a front row seat to the street art and muralism movements of the ‘00s and ‘10s. A season spent snowboarding in Whistler with my then partner, now wife, created the dream of building a life in a mountain town. 10 years later and we were lucky to be able to make the move mid-pandemic to Fernie.

I would consider myself an emerging artist, having been practicing in earnest 1 - 2 days a week for the past 6 years. However I have always been connected to the graffiti and street-art scenes. I have worked in visual art since graduation; I have a degree in graphic design and run a small business providing animated videos, graphic design and art to musicians, artists, clubs,  festivals, bars, and restaurants across the globe. I am also the Art Director for a Melbourne-based, globally recognised electronic music venue and club, ‘Revolver Upstairs’.

While my work falls outside of the typical mountain town / West Coast art style, one of the reasons I would love to have an exhibition is to reduce the level of displacement felt moving to a new town, especially when it is so difficult to meet others. I would welcome the opportunity to present to, and meet, local art enthusiasts, collectors and artists and to become part of the larger Fernie art scene, to integrate and add another layer to the community and town that I now love and call home.

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