Becca Davies Gallery Show

Event Date(s): 
Thursday, July 28, 2022
7:00pm - 9:00pm

"Curiosity never killed the Cat"

Artist Statement

For me, inspiration usually comes from being in a place or moment of happiness & comfort; and creating is my way of keeping a track on my mental health by becoming engaged and focused on one thing. Therefore, my art is a revolving circle of inspiration, making and validation. A win, win all around! So throughout the exhibit I will be telling a visual story moments that I find solace in.

As an emerging artist who has only been exhibiting my work publicly for a year now I am endlessly grateful for the facilites, staff and programming at FDAC. The opportunity to have my first private show in the gallery itself will hopefully not only benefit me but the community also. I'm looking forward to vocalising my heavy use of the 'Mountain Room', specific workshops and hopefully increasing engagement amongst the community with my accessible art.

"I have no particular talent. I am merely inquisitive." - AE

This quote hits the nail on the head for my approach to art and making. I'm looking to use the basis of my exhibit to stay curious and continue to learn about my chosen mediums: printmaking, inks, hopefully some wood turning and perhaps some other areas if I find the time....! Personal growth is so important and so I will use this opportunity to develop my practice, continue to find my ‘style’ and hopefully bring some other artists in for the ride. I would like to use some of the space within the gallery to collaborate with other local artists and makers including Sam Sedlowsky (fibre artist), Aaron Hagen (photographer), Chloe Roberts (embroidery) and Tara Higgins (oil painter)! This not only invigorates my curious side to see other makers processes but also allows us both to experiment. For me, its the epitome of my experience of the local arts scene - inclusive, passionate and lively.

Artist Bio

Becca Davies grew up in the south of England where she completed art school in the vibrant town of Brighton on the coast. Having found a passion for making she also completed short courses in pattern cutting, silver smithing and upholstery.

She soon found a love for all things 3D and went on to complete a degree in Furniture & Product : Designer/Maker from Northumbria University. Whilst studying, she completed an apprentiship with Carl Austin Furniture - a bespoke outdoor furniture maker who specialized in wood steaming. Also Cerebra Innovation Centre where she designed and built innovative, bespoke products to help disabled children.

Beyond university and her career as a first responder she chose to move onto bigger things… literally. Swapping the mellow coasts of the UK for the rockies in British Columbia. In 2019 she moved to our mountain town of Fernie. Inspired by the rugged skyline she first released her art work to the public by getting the privilege of showing her illustrations in Mugshots. Continually experimenting and pushing she has since taken part in the Fernie Banner & Dumpster project and been voted onto the FDAC Board of Directors.

She continues to thrive in Fernie’s welcoming and vibrant artistic community and can’t wait to engage with more artists, makers and creatives locally and hopefully further afield!



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