The Mystery Mountain Project Documentary

Event Date(s): 
Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Mystery Mountain Project Documentary will be showing at the College of the Rockies on Sunday May 15th.

One hundred years after Don and Phyllis Munday first explored the Waddington Range, a group of climbers attempt to retrace the Munday's first route through the Homathko valley. In the spirit of adventure these hardy climbers chose to embark on this expedition outfitted as if it was 1926, wearing hobnail leather boots, woolen clothing, and waxed canvas raincoats. Every detail was planned to be as authentic as possible right down to the canned foods they ate and the wooden pack board backpacks they used. The documentary film, The Mystery Mountain Project takes us on this journey giving insights into what goes into planning an attempt to retrace a groundbreaking expedition, without the use of modern equipment. As the adventure unfolds in unexpected ways, the book, Expedition to Mystery Mountain: Adventures of a Bushwhacking, Knickerbocker-wearing Woman delves into the hearts and minds of these hardy climbers.

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College of the Rockies Fernie