Kevin Frank Gallery Show

Event Date(s): 
Thursday, August 26, 2021


“Internalize” is a collection of work that utilizes a distinct visual language to communicate the artists mental state. This visual language at its core, is made up of characters inspired heavily by graffiti and street art. These characters express different emotions and are presented in varying levels of detail depending entirely upon the artist's mental health at the time of the pieces creation. This body of work is both a practice in engaging with ones mental health on a day-to-day basis and a cathartic means of representing these varying states of mental well-being. Alongside the prevalent characters in these pieces, colour is also closely considered and employed as a means of communicating emotions. Thus the finished product is a creative means of examining mental health and alternative ways of engaging in rhetoric surrounding this incredibly important topic. All the works included in this exhibition are acrylic-based multimedia paintings of varying sizes, however, most works trend towards a larger size. The idea behind this body of work aligns with the main goals of the gallery as is provides a unique body of work which offers a glimpse into the topic of mental health within the Elk Valley.

Artist Bio
Kevin Frank is a Multimedia artist based in Fernie, British Columbia, Canada. He attended the University of Victoria receiving a Bachelor of Fine arts in 2020 and have been producing artworks since 2011. Kevin works primarily in painting and photography, often using digital technology as a means of blending and shifting these more traditional mediums. He strives to combine his self taught art practice with his formal training and is particularly interested in using art as a platform to discuss and explore the ways in which we communicate about mental health. Additionally, Kevin’s art often examines the distinct materiality of each medium he work's with. It is vastly important to Kevin to use art as a way of engaging with rhetoric surrounding mental health and the distinct mental states which make up the bulk of the human condition.

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