Gallery Exhibit: "The Guacamole Series"

Event Date(s): 
Friday, July 30, 2021

'The Guacamole Series'

Sometimes an idea strikes, and it must be brought to life! The concept of free-form crochet had been sparking my interest for some time, and I finally dove in January of 2019. I describe my approach as paint-by-number, and the finished product, a yarn painting. Years of working up projects in the craft of crochet make it possible for me to apply a deep understanding of stitches to intuitively crochet-paint with yarn. The new, crucial skill of working with ambidexterity allows me to always be looking at the front of my work, and change directions as needed to build my stitches into an image.

I began with a peach, partnered it with a pear, and progressed to experiment with font for a customized house number. Each project takes many meditative hours to complete, so there is a lot of time for my mind to roam. While working on my 3rd A4 standard paper size project, my mind wandered to what was next, “ avocado? Yes! ALL THE INGREDIENTS OF GUACAMOLE! YES! ...BIG!” Thus, The Guacamole Series became my next slow art project, and first series concept for wall artwork.

Completed so far are The Avocado (April 2019 / February 2020), and The Onion (July 2019). On deck are The Jalapeno, The Lime, The Tomato, The Garlic, and The Cilantro. This is a self-funded project, and all of the materials have already been purchased. Each piece is scheduled to be approximately 18”-24” of crochet in diameter, will then be mounted on canvas, and stretched over independent, uniform frames roughly 28” square. After completing each large piece, a unique mini version follows for a smaller, easier to accommodate option in both size and price. The Guacamole Series plus their miniatures total 14 pieces; 7 large, and 7 small. I am secondly passionate about this content as a vegetarian, and avid gardener. Most importantly, I ate heaps of guacamole during the pivotal year I lived on a school bus in Central America. These ingredients incite an indescribable joy in me. As it relates to the public, this series concept is colourful, fun, and has proven to be palatable to the visual taste buds of many. Unintentionally, this series now brings appreciation of times I traveled and was nourished by these local foods abroad. They remind me that healthier days are ahead when we can all explore foreign cuisines and cultures again. 

Completing two parts to The Guacamole Series has been slow but rewarding. Unprecedented times have gifted me time. My personal objective to complete the series in 2021 to ensure my style and execution is consistent from the first piece, to the final piece.

Artist Bio
Kate Moran is a multi-medium contemporary artist based in Fernie, BC. Always finding inspiration in the fine details, Kate thrives on expanding her knowledge and skills. She demonstrates masterful patience in her slow art fascinations of free-form crochet, micro macrame, textile arts, block-printing, delicate bead work, and more. As a Type A personality, Kate has excelled as an independent, self-sufficient artist since 2010. Of her own hard work and determination, she has earned the attention of high profile art supporter, Grammy Award winning musician, Jason Mraz. In recent years, Moran has been contracted by beloved musicians, Shakey Graves and Shred Kelly, as well as music event organization, Kaslo Jazz Etc. Festival, for collaborative art projects including limited edition event posters, video art content, merchandise design, and performance wardrobe contributions. Pandemic times have drawn Kate’s attention back to a passion project started in 2019, The Guacamole Series, which is scheduled to be complete by spring 2021.

Producing a large scale, wall art, free-form crochet series, the pieces will depict the various whole ingredients of guacamole. This body of work will illustrate her gratitude for the defining years and weeks of her past travel experiences, while building colourful optimism for adventurous healthy days to come. This flavourful upcoming series promises to delight viewers, and inspire the possibility of extraordinary applications of ordinary mediums.  

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