Walkie Talkie Podclub

10:00am - 11:00am

This month’s podcasts take a look at our communities, local and global, the people in them, how we can support people in our communities during Covid-19 and how we can improve our community involvement now and in the future.

May Podcasts:

1. TED Radio Hour – click here to listen
The Gratitude Chain with A. J. Jacobs.
A look at how we are indeed all connected in this global community. In his new book Thanks A Thousand A.J. Jacobs  sets out to thank everyone who made his morning cup of coffee, the resulting journey takes him across the globe, transforms his life, and reveals how gratitude can make us happier, more generous, and more connected.
Running time: 52minutes.
Available on Spotify, Apple Podacsts, Google Podcasts  or with the TED Talks app.

2.The Brain Architects – click here to listen
Covid-19 Special Edition: Mental Health in a Locked-Down World.
Focusing on what supporting your own mental health and that of people around you can look like, during Covid-19. Also looks at what health professionals all over the world are doing to help take care of our communities in the midst of the pandemic, and how they are preparing for the challenges that come next.
Running time: 24 min.
Available on Spotify, Google  and Apple podcasts.

3.The Mind Valley Podcast – click here to listen
Creating The Just Global Community with Michael Beckwith.
In this talk, you will join the movement to birth a new, kind, just, prosperous, and sustainable global community.
Running Time:19 minutes.
Available on Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts

Join the Fernie Heritage Library on May 14th at 10:00am on the front stairs of the library, for a walk on the river path to discuss the ideas stemming from these podcasts.

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