Helly Hansen Buried Treasure Challenge

Event Date(s): 
Saturday, January 30, 2021
Sunday, January 31, 2021

Come and test your companion rescue skills at the Avalanche Transceiver Training Area at Fernie Alpine Resort and win some amazing Helly Hansen prizes! You can choose which level of difficulty to compete at; the harder the challenge, the bigger the prizes.

How does the game work?
Drop into the Avalanche Transceiver Training Area between 10 am – 2 pm on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 January.
Bring your own transceiver and probe or borrow one of ours (we recommend you practice with your own equipment if possible).

Choose your level of difficulty (easy, medium, hard), which will determine how many signals you have to find—the more difficult the challenge, the bigger the prizes.

To complete the challenge, you must find all the transceiver signals in the Avalanche Transceiver Training Area with a successful probe strike for all of them.

Once you’ve completed the challenge, our event volunteers will draw you a random prize from the corresponding prize draw (easy, medium, hard).


Here is an example of prizes you could win for each level in this challenge. Prizes are limited and are based on availability.

Easy – Helly Hansen toque’s, cap’s, balaclava’s (value $30-$40)
Medium – Helly Hansen baselayers (value up to $110)
Hard – Helly Hansen duffle bags & trolley bag (value $130-$320)

Thanks to Fernie Alpine Resort's sponsors: Helly Hansen, Avalanche Canada, BCA, and FATMAP

Game rules and COVID-19 Safety Plan
Here is theirplan for how they are going to run the buried treasure game safely and effectively within the current COVID-19 guidelines.

Maximum capacity:

Only one cohort group will be allowed at the Avalanche Transceiver Training Area at one time.

If the Avalanche Transceiver Training Area is occupied, other participants will be asked to come back later (no waiting onsite).

All social distancing rules of 2 meters apply while at the Avalanche Transceiver Training Area.

Shared equipment:

It is recommended that participants use their own transceiver and probe if possible.

They will have two spare sets of equipment for use.

Their event volunteers will thoroughly sanitize any leant equipment to participants before the next participant can use it.

All staff, volunteers, and participants must wear appropriate face coverings at all times during this event.

The prize draw will be done solely by event volunteers, so there will be no cross-contamination with participants.
Once a prize has been selected, guests will collect it from a safe distance onsite.


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