Live Music: The Leger Sisters & Naena Robinson

Event Date(s): 
Friday, November 13, 2020

Tonight it's all about the ladies as we say farewell to the infinitea live music stage ...

Our opening act often call themselves The Snow Muses and spend much of their Winters in Fernie. It has been one of our great pleasures at infinitea to encourage, support & grow new musical talent. These two young ladies have been going from strength to strength having first played on the infinitea stage in 2017 and we are very glad we can have them play one last time.

Our main act tonight is in my opinion one of the greatest voices to reside in Fernie and it is nothing short of mesmerising sometimes to listen to Ms Naena Robinson play her range of thoughtful and inventive covers that really transform the originals into something entirely different. It is our great pleasure to have this truly talented local musician grace the infinitea stage one last time.