New Vortex Dry-hopped Sour Launch at Fernie Brewing Company


  • A tropical Sour IPA brimming with Galaxy and Strata hops. Lifted to another level with a touch of Lactic Acid sourness.
    Jump into the whirlwind of flavour that is Vortex. This kettled soured hop-forward IPA is light in colour and brimming with fruity, tropical hop flavour and aroma, complemented by a touch of sourness. The Strata hop in this brew is brand new to FBC and brings with it passionfruit and dank herbal notes.


  • Water, Malted Barley, Malted Wheat, Hops, Yeast
    Hops: Strata, Galaxy
    Malt: Superior Pilsen, Wheat, Acidulated, Oats


  • 5.5% ABV. 11 IBU


  • Launching September 3rd and rolling out across Western Canada in the coming weeks.



Fernie Brewing Company