Summer Solstice Bike for Mental Health

Event Date(s): 
Saturday, June 20, 2020

Please join in for the Mental Health Awareness Sunrise to Sunset bike ride this Saturday, June 20th!

Strahan Loken will be riding our beautiful Fernie trails from 5am till 10pm. As it will be very hard to determine how long every trail will take - you can join in on one of the following 4 stages below.

This is a fundraiser - check out how you can donate right here

Meet at the designated spots per stage, join for just 1 lap or the full stage. As Strahan will be aiming for a 4000-5000m vert goal that day - please connect with Ev Eijsermans to join in and bike together. Follow updates on social media or text her at 250 423 8846 throughout the day.

Stage1 (about 1500m)
Depart at Gear Hub ~ 5am
Project 9
Eric’s trip

Stage2 (about 1100m)
Depart at Gear Hub ~ 10am
Southern Comfort

Stage3 (about 1300m)
Depart Montane ~2pm
Cokato pedal
Blue Matador

Fun fact for Stage 3: reserve a spot in Ev’s truck to drive the shuttle roads and just join in on the DH. Save your energy but support Strahan with laughs, cheers & music!

Downtown meal & rest at approx 6pm - join for a cheers!

Stage4 (about 700m)
Depart from 2nd ave at 7pm
Swine Flu
Red Sonya

Finish at Downtown Fernie at 10pm for beers & cheers.