Essentially Abundant: Continuing Education - Weekly Series


Are you part of our Global doTERRA Collective? If yes, you're invited to this exclusive members only 8 week series Continuing Education Event!

Every Saturday we will meet virtually just before 11am MST for our Topic. Every Session has a different topic, once a week for 8 weeks. For every session you virtually attend, you will get a "virtual check mark" and after 8 weeks, we will have prizes for those of you who have attended every session! (its not that easy though, you have to interact + answer our questions on live!)
*if you miss one session in the series, don't worry, you can catch up on the ones you miss on the following 8 weeks series.

Here are our rotating topics:
> I have oils, now what?
> Nutrition + Supplements
> Toxic Free Living
> Oils for every age
> Essential Skin Care
> Stress, Sleep + Emotions
> Women's Health + Hormones
> Oils for Pain Management

After every Session we will also have a mini intro to the Business side of doTERRA— this is completely optional and does not count towards your "virtual check mark"

Here are our rotating Business Topics:
> What is residual income?
> Why doTERRA?
> Developing the Wellness Lifestyle
> How to start sharing online / in person
> Finding your Niche + Networking
> Compensation Plan
> How to teach in a way that speaks to you
> Mindset Training

Questions? reach out to whoever invited you into doTERRA.
To attend, Download the free app on your smart device and click on this link to join! Reachout if you need help.

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