$10 Pick Up Roast Dinner


Don't want to cook a roast for 2 people while in isolation? Well here is the best and cheapest roast you don't have to cook! Ready for pickup between 6-9pm every Sunday.

Every week they will rotate between Roast Beef, lemon thyme roast chicken and parsley/cranberry stuffed pork loin then there will either be irish roast potatoes, roast red potatoes or creamy garlic mash and a selection of roast maple lemon yams, roast rosemary onions, honey carrots, roast beets and many more.. green peas/corn, bread rolls & red wine gravy!

Of course they never forget the vegetarians at Infinitea so there will always be vegan, gluten free nut roast too.

They have new pickup deals too:

1) $10 Roast & dessert = $15 (cheesecake, oat fudge square or Baklava)
2) $10 Roast & a beer = $15
3) $10 Roast, dessert & a beer = $20!

Text 778-233-0258 to book a roast.