Griz Days w/ Case Of The Mondays


This year for the annual Griz Days celebration Naturalist will be hosting another house DJ duo Case Of The Mondays.

These guys have been recently blowing up. Signing tunes to Claude Van Stroke's infamous label Dirty Bird, Westwood Recordings, and Box Of Cats Records. We are super stoked to host these dudes, so come spend the night and enjoy some bangin' house tracks on a full PK rig!

Sound and lights by Fresh Tracks Promotions. (PK Sound)
$10 Cover - Doors at 9PM - No Guaranteed Entry after 11PM

Case of the Mondays is a classic story about two best friends friends making music in paradise...

Joni T & La Dooda met in a dark basement nightclub fighting over a single vodka soda. The bartender saw their struggle and one free vodka soda later… they became best friends and starting writing their own style of house music called “Fun House.” Since then the two continue to create a Magical Worlds on Dance Floors where its okay to dance all night, call in sick for work, and spill drinks. Everyday is a Monday!


The Central Hotel