Griz Days at The Fernie Hotel

The 43rd annual Griz Days are back and The Fernie Hotel is so excited!

They've got The Nova Scotiables band joining us on Friday at 8pm and Saturday at 10pm.

The Nova Scotiables are a high energy, Midwestern Maritime revue from all corners of Canada. Born in 2015 from late night whisky shots and chance busking encounters on the mean streets of Calgary, they've developed a reputation across southern Alberta for their original music and the contemporary hits they've been known to “Maritime-ize” when the mood strikes. With a wide reach of inspiration and plenty of Screech for perspiration these folks bring a party from the Right Coast that will have the whole family sippin’ and jiggin’ in no time.

Not only that but they've got their famous Fernie Hotel hot wing eating contest Saturday at 4:00pm

Lookout for their weekend food and drink specials menu... SPOILER ....they've got Maple Bacon Poutine YUM!


The Fernie Hotel