Worship You - Self Care Plans & Essential Oils

7:00pm - 9:00pm

We rarely allow our phone battery to get to 1%, and yet we so often allow ourselves top get there.

Building, exploring & understanding a self-care plan will help you reduce burn out, stress, enhance your health, well-being and relationships with every one in your life (especially you). This is often beyond watching Oprah and eating bon bons!

Discover the surprising things that fill your cup! Self care is individualized, learn about the deeper layers of your own self care plan and how essential oils can compliment this personal care.

This Worship You Workshop will leave you feeling refreshed with a better understanding of your most important friend....YOU.

*Register before February 7th and save 5$ (code: worshipyouearly)

*Pricing available with Essential Oil take home self-care pack and without.


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