Earth's Own Naturals Ltd. Grand Opening


Earth’s Own Naturals 2nd licensed store in BC Owner, Laurie Weitzel said the impetus to opening a cannabis store was her journey with cancer. Her late husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2014. He was given a very short time to live as it metastasized to his liver. Ingesting cannabis oil extract was one of the modalities that contributed to one additional year of quality life over prognosis.

She created her stores to have a warm, relaxed vibe that her clientele would feel at ease in after being in sterile medical institutions for two years.

Last October, she viewed the Old Laundromat building saw the potential and created the commercial space to reflect an upscale atmosphere. Some of the features you will find are bee boxes that have trace amounts of honey, rough sawn fir locally sourced and old barn wood that came out of the Cranbrook hotel and then resided in the infamous old barn that fell over down the road to the airport.

Locations: Kimberley and Fernie (502A 8th Avenue)


Earth's Own Naturals Ltd.