Encounters: Karen MacDonald

1:30pm - 3:30pm

Encounters is an informal, ongoing series which connects demonstrating local artists, craftsmen, and artisans with museum visitors and the community.

Karen MacDonald is driven to create whimsical, offbeat imager. By exploring texture and dimension, the viewer is entranced to observe a different perspective. Karen is self-taught and strives to stretch creative boundaries, applying mixed media combinations to discover what they will do together. Childlike originality adds a sense of delight and joy in her pieces. Working full time forced a break in creating, but now retired, she has re-awakened the muse. Rejoining the Fernie Visual Arts Guild has continued to provide learning of many techniques, enriching Karen’s curiosity. All members of the group add endless encouragement and support.

The Fernie Museum’s pop-up exhibits allow local artists to showcase and sell their work, while providing exhibiting artists an opportunity to demonstrate their practice and engage with visitors, making their accessible to more potential patrons. They are one month in duration and are scheduled for fall and spring annually.


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