Film Release: Dream Job

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

How hard can it be? Catch the release of Dream Job, directed by Katie Burrell and produced by Colleen Gentemann!

Runtime: 14:30 mins
Production Company: Katie Burrell TV
Country: Canada
Featuring: Leah Evans, Christina Lustenberger and Diny Harrison

A comedy documentary about a girl working in the ski industry who decides to become one of the stars, DREAM JOB begs the question - they go up, they go down, how hard can it be? The film follows comedian Katie Burrell through "days in the life" with three of the industry's biggest names: Leah Evans, founder of Girls Do Ski, Christina Lustenberger, ex-Olympian and big mountain skier, and Diny Harrison, the first fully certified female guide in North America. Needless to say, she finds out how hard it really can be.

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Director Bio: Katie Burrell
Whether hitting jokes or playing well-managed physical comedy, Katie can offer direction in storytelling, beats and characters. A stand-up comedian and filmmaker, Katie has one filter: satire.

Producer Bio: Colleen Gentemann
Colleen in an adventure filmmaker, director and producer based in Revelstoke BC. She has worked on a number of films with athletes such as Julia Mancuso, Sandra Lahnsteiner, Christina Lustenberger, Leah Evans and Janina Kuzma.  With skills in writing, directing, filming and editing, Colleen can take a production single handed from start to finish. After many years of working independently, Colleen started working with comedian and director Katie Burrell in 2017.  This partnership of complementary skill sets has opened possibilities for both Katie and Colleen. Colleen looks forward to working with Katie and their growing team to launch Katie Burrell TV this fall.



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