The F-Bombs, Fibre, Felt & Fabric Fanatics of Elkford


The F-Bombs, Fibre, Felt & Fabric Fanatics of Elkford meets every friday at the art studio from 5-8pm. Bring your fibre art and come create with us! Please see below for basic guidelines and rules.

Membership to the Elkford Arts Council is required to join the club, and is just $25/year (Sept 1 - Aug 31).

All levels of experience are welcome! Elkford Art Studio Drop-in fee of $5 applies to help support the studio operating costs.

Craft Mentors may share tips, give advice, and help keep everyone working safely and successfully in the studio, however private lessons are not to be offered nor expected. Please respect that our more experienced members are here on their personal time and they want to socialize and have fun as well.

As a group, we may choose to hire and schedule an instructor/mentor for special workshops and classes. Each member is responsible for cleaning up all space/equipment used

All youth must be accompanied by an adult member. Please keep in mind that there may be adult language and subjects discussed! Members must exit via the EAST entrance (doors closest to Kootenay Market) during the summer. Last person to leave ensures all doors are secured and lights off.

All members agree to adhere to the rules and perimeters posted by the Elkford Arts Council, Elkford Art Studio, and the F-Bombs, Fibre, Felt & Fabric Fanatics of Elkford Club



Elkford Art Studio