20-Hour Advanced Training on Preventing Injures in Yoga Class

Chances are, as a teacher, there are spots in your body right now that don’t feel as good as they should. Sometimes that makes you feel like a fraud. You’ve also noticed the same thing happening to your students. A hamstring strain here, some wrist pain there. But until now, you thought that was just par for the course.  This 20-hour Course is designed to make your classes safer and to give you the knowledge you need to prevent injury from happening on your watch.  

You’ll learn to see the body and movement through a new lens. You’ll receive information that will transform your practice and elevate your teaching repertoire.

We don't want to take anything away. We simply want to add more to what you already have in your toolbelt.

This end will change how you look at teaching, and how you teach
• Importance of Preparation. A lot of yoga injuries stem from our lives off our mat.
• Mobility vs. Stability. Understanding how each region of the body moves is essential for a yoga teacher. Once you know how it’s designed to move, you can implement that much more effectively!
• Active vs. Passive Range of Motion. Passive stretching can often put us in a realm past where our body can control. We will be focused on an active range of motion.
• All movement is good movement-there’s good movement & there’s better movement, both of which are much better than not moving.
• Most Common Yoga Injury (to any joint): Repetitive Stress. Doing the same thing all the time is ultimately how most people get injured with yoga.

 So many people flock to yoga because of how much healing it can offer, for many varied populations.  
We'll discuss that while learning about yoga injuries it’s easy to get lost in the negativity and fear but yoga is still a very safe practice.  

These hours will count toward our Advanced Teacher Training as well as CE hours for The Yoga Alliance.  The cost is $199.  Save $25 by booking before April 15th.  



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