Elkford Triathlon

The ADULT event is a Sprint Distance Triathlon, Start time 8:30am, 750m Swim, 20K Bike, 5K Run and they offer 2 levels:

  • Regular Sprint-Pool Swim, Relatively Flat Bike Course, Run
  • Extreme Sprint-Pool Swim, Hilly Bike ( up mine road) , Run

The KIDS event Start time is 11 am, and there are 2 levels:

  • 200m Swim, 5K Bike, 2.5K Run
  • 400m Swim, 5K Bike, 2.5K Run

Body Number Marking and Timing Chip Pickup 7am - 8 am
Mandatory pre-race meeting for event at poolside at 8:10 am.

KIDS check-in  at 10 am and Race starts at 11 am


  • The Adult 750 m, Kids 200m and 400m swims will take place at the Elkford Aquatic Centre in the 25m pool with a max of 2 swimmers per lane
  • "Continuous" swim format
  • Swimmers will be lined up behind the start timing mats at the end of the pool. 2 swimmers will enter each lane and swim till done. Once a swimmer has left the lane another will be allowed in. Time starts when you cross the start mat and finishs when you cross the finish mat outside the pool door.
  • Counters for the pool will count your laps and put a flutterboard in the water indicating that you have one lap to go. Officials will watch the end of the pool to ensure that you have touched the wall.
  • The tagging area for teams will be where the bikes are racked. Swimmers should exit from the transition area immediately after the tag is completed.


  • The Adult 20K Bike ride is an out and back with a course for the sprint and one for the extreme sprint
  • The Kids 5K Bike ride is an out and back..info to follow.
  • Your bike is to be placed in the bike rack that corresponds to your race number. (eg. 60-70, 71-80) in the case of those with a racing bike use the fence by the transition area.
  • Cycling helmets are mandatory and must be worn while on the bike with the chin strap secured.
  • When leaving the transition for the cycling portion, walk your bike to the start/finish line and then mount your bike
  • Bikers and runners must stay to the right when entering or leaving.
  • Roads are open to traffic. please ride on shoulder.
  • We will have a volunteer at the 4 way stopping traffic
  • At the Adult 10km turnaround point we will have a police car to warn oncoming traffic.
  • Please call out your name and number at the turnarounds to help our volunteers keep track of cyclists and runners.
  • Please leave three bike lengths between bikes.
  • To pass on bike shout out "passing on your left".
  • Bring your own water for the bike.


  • The Adult 5 K Run has a NEW TBA course this year
  • Tag area for the team runners is at the bike rack.
  • There will be a water station at the 2.5 run turn-around.
  • Run the same route back to the pool.
  • Runners must stay to the right when entering or leaving.
  • Info to follow on the 2.5K KIDS Run.


  • Congratulations!!
  • To avoid confusion only registered athletes may enter ribboned area
  • Once there you can enjoy a shower, hot tub and a BBQ
  • Results and awards will follow once the last person is in.
  • Participants, Family and Volunteers ..Join Us after the race for Hamburgers, Hotdogs and Refreshments

Package Pick -Up

  • Pool M/P Room Saturday, June 2/2018 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • YES someone else (spouse,teammate,friend) CAN pickup your race package

For more information visit the official website


Elkford, BC