Learn to Meditate Three Day Workshop

Meditation is the only tool for us to quiet our minds that is effective and long term. When we stop looking outside of ourselves to find inner peace, when we stop thinking its going to be the next relationship, the next job, the next purchase that's going to make us happy, we start looking within to seek solace.

Spend this weekend learning not to try to silence a mind that wants to go a hundred different directions simultaneously, but rather how to sit with and not attach to this chaos. Meditation opens us to each and every moment of our life.

Through this practice we start to relate to life directly, so that we truly experience the present moment free from baggage and anxiety.

Friday Night 7:30-9:30PM
Introduction to Meditation
60 Minute Practice: Meditation

Session One: 7-8:45AM
The Techniques of Meditation & Meditation Session

Session Two: 12-2PM
How to Work with Your Thoughts & Meditation Session

Session One: 7:30-9:15
Working with Emotions

Session Two:11:30-1:30pm Antar Mauna
Price $205 or Save $25 by booking before March 15th.  If you can only make a couple of the sessions please contact the studio, we can make it happen.  


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