Raging Elk Dummy Downhill

11:00am - 3:00pm

A highlight of Fernie’s winter Griz Festival! Strictly for fun, this competition features imaginative & hilarious “dummies” on skis launching themselves off a gigantic jump beside the Timber Chair. Dummies can be made from a variety of materials and creativity is stressed! Dummies are judged based on their construction, creativity, the distance they fly off the jump and the carnage factor when they land! Prizes are awarded for best construction, best theme/name, best disintegration, best flight, and more!!! The event is a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society and there will be a bonus prize for the entry that raises the most money!!

Building Rules
1. No living cells allowed in the race.
2. No remote controls or human contact with dummy allowed after launch.
3. Dimensions
- Not higher than 6 feet, lower than 3 feet or wider than 3 feet at the base.
- Volume-weight up to a max of 100 lbs. MUST PASS WEIGH-IN.
4. Only skis or snowboards allowed to mount dummies on.
5. Dummy names must be suitable for publication.
6. One team member at top of course to launch the dummy
7. Owners are responsible for retrieving all dummy parts after the event!!
8. Gravel/dirt may NOT be used to weigh down your dummy
9. No FIRE or FIREWORKS allowed on the dummy.
10. Event organizers reserve the right to disqualify any dummies they feel are unsafe to the event and/or spectators

Entry fee is a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society (Minimum donation amount is $20). 100% of the entry fees will go towards the Canadian Cancer Society.
Entries can bring their donations (IN CASH) to the check in on the event day or can do their donation online. Online donation link coming soon.

11:00am – 12:00pm: Dummy Registration, Check-In and Weigh-In @ bottom of jump (next to the Timber Chair)
12:00pm: Judging Begins (all dummies must be weighed in and approved by this time).
12:30pm: Dummies head to the top of the course.
1:00pm: Dummy Downhill Start
3pm: Awards Ceremony @ Daylodge

A huge thanks goes out to the title sponsor Raging Elk Hostel & Kodiak Lounge. Spend a night, not a fortune at Fernie’s premier hostel or enjoy a cold beverage in the cozy Kodiak Lounge. For more information visit their website at http://ragingelk.com/.


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