Silent Disco: 6 DJs

Event Date(s): 
Saturday, January 12, 2019

You're at the Royal having a great night, feeling fine, dancing up a storm, and suddenly the DJ takes a left turn into territory you're not stoked on... what do you do? CHANGE CHANNEL!

You're at the Royal and somebody catches your eye on the dancefloor, but the music is too loud to have a proper conversation... what do you do? TAKE OFF YOUR HEADSET AND HAVE A NICE NORMAL CHAT!

You're standing amongst the noise and chaos on the dancefloor and wondering to yourself... how on earth do the ppl that live upstairs get any sleep? THEY CAN TONIGHT!

You're at the Royal and feeling thirsty, so you go to order a drink... do you have to shout your order to the bartender? NO!

Ever been to a Silent Disco? They're AWESOME! Quiet Hours Silent Disco is an outfit from Calgary that run regular parties, and this time they're bringing their setup to Fernie, along with 3 DJs to represent the Cowtown throwdown! We'll be serving up 3 local Fernie DJs as well, using intimate local knowledge and tricks on their home turf.

Entry is $10 which gets you a headset for the night. Come along to rep your town... and support the first Silent Disco in Fernie!


The Royal