Ski Bumming & Mental Health Workshop

6:50pm - 9:00pm

The main goal of this event is for all ski bums to learn new skills to help them in difficult situations, to raise awareness about mental health, have the chance to share stories, and to leave with an abundance of resources.

Just a reminder you do not need to be diagnosed with anxiety to be stressed out, and you don’t need to be diagnosed with depression to feel sad. You can attend this workshop for yourself, or for friends and loved ones who might need your support. 

Through the evening we will cover; different sources of anxiety and depression from living in a ski town, how to recognize symptoms, healthy ways to cope with stress, identifying emotions and feelings, how to talk to a friend who is not feeling well, post-injuries depression and much more.

You wil have the chance to participate in group chats and ask as many questions as needed. Snacks will be provided for the happiness of everyone. 

This workshop is free because I believe taking care of ourselves shouldn’t cost a penny. A donation box will be there to cover the cost of rent and material if you feel like it. Please arrived 5-10 minutes earlier so we are ready for 7:00 PM.


The Arts Station