A Winter Solstice Ceremony & Practice

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Join Francesca and Nigel for a 2-hour Ceremony and Practice that cerebrate the longest night and the shortest day. This special evening will begin wth a ritual designed to ground your intentions as you raise your dreams. This time of year is where we achieve where we need to change course and set intentions.

These intentions become stepping stones, laying out the path to your dreams. Recognizing winter solstice with a personal ceremony may help you to fine-tune your intentions and root you more firmly in your path of personal growth. The ceremony calls on the elements of water, earth and fire to assist our self-realization.

Please bring with you:
-A blanket
-A journal and pen
-4 objects that represent grounding or the earth to you such as: stones, a plants, a rock or a crystal in earth tones, crystals such as hematite, bloodstone, agate, or onyx, or a leaf. 


Essential Yoga Studio


$35 per person.