Gallery Opening: Art of Building - Hornquist Family


The “Art of Building” is a multi-generational exhibit where the Hornquist family uses different techniques and styles to explore the notion of building. Whether it is creating pieces that study the composition of existing structures or explore the process of building, each family member offers their own unique style. The exhibit will feature an array of work including more traditional pieces such as paintings using water colour, acrylic and ink, as well as experimental pieces that combine the modern technologies of laser engraving and traditional carpentry.

Growing up in Fernie and in a creative family, they all have a fond appreciation for art and their work is influenced from their surroundings, including both the natural and the built environment.

Verne Hornquist is a retired surveyor and draftsman. For over 40 years, he has been using watercolour, acrylic, ink and pencil to create local paintings of the natural landscape and historic architecture around the Valley. When he is not painting, you can find him out in his garden or in the workshop making elaborate bird houses.

Darren Hornquist is a retired electrician and the owner of West Fernie Woodworks where he specializes in creating custom picture frames using carefully selected wood from old structures.

Char Hornquist is a graphic designer and owner of the Fernie Printing Company. When not working digitally, her medium of choice is watercolour, ink and charcoal.

Brock Hornquist is the co-owner of Wild Wolves Design where he explores the craftsmanship of woodworking in combination with laser engraving.

Erika Hornquist completed her Master of Architecture in 2017 from Dalhousie University. After moving back to Fernie, she is also the co-owner of Wild Wolves Design where she has an expressed interest in wood as a material and how it can be applied at multiple scales.

Sean Janzen is a recent graduate of the Fine Woodworking program from Selkirk College in Nelson, BC. Aside from exploring wood craftsmanship, Sean also uses and experiments with many mediums and techniques such as watercolour, ink and pointillism.


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