Barbie and Ken Night

Event Date(s): 
Friday, August 17, 2018

Get yourselves dolled up and ready to dance as much as your rigid plastic limbs will allow, because we're heading off on the next adventure in the series of monthly costume parties at the Royal!

You might have always wanted to dress as Malibu Rollerblade Barbie, or Cowboy Ken, or Air Hostess Barbie, or Bikini Ken, or Lumberjack Barbie... the possibilities are endless. We're throwing the gender stereotypes out the window and you can dress as any gender or character you want - just commit! If you can, team up with a partner to coordinate outfits and come as a matching pair of some sort. There will be a bar tab prize for the best dressed couple! (Doesn't have to be a male-female couple, it's 2018, geez).

Booty-shakin' tunes by Freebooter all night.


The Royal