Earth Day No-Sew Zipper Repairs

Event Date(s): 
Sunday, April 22, 2018
3:00pm - 5:00pm

Heaven Boutique owner and zipper expert, Naomi, is offering FREE 'NO-SEW' zipper repairs. Don't throw it away when a simple repair might do the trick!

*All garments/items brought in for repair must be CLEAN*

It is likely a 'No-SEW' repair if your jacket zipper:
-splits open while wearing it
-is missing the pull tab or entire slider
-all the zipper teeth or coils are still intact
-is a 'separating' zipper (meaning it opens all the way to 2 separate pieces)

Unfortunately, if any of the below is the case, you'll need a full zipper replacement (a 'SEW' job):
-the bottom edge of the zipper is frayed or cut
-zipper teeth are missing or the coil is damaged
-the stitching holding the zipper in is coming undone
-it is a 'non-separating' zipper (bags, pullover jackets)

Naomi will not repair zippers on footwear or hard-sided bags/suitcases. This event is for 'NO-SEW' repairs/replacements. If your zipper needs a complete replacement (a 'SEW' job), they will be subject to regular service fees and waiting times.


The Arts Station