Wise Youngblood Live

Event Date(s): 
Friday, April 6, 2018

There is a hard hitting Rock N Roll band from Vancouver Island reminding everyone that Rock N Roll is far from dead. With a fusion of the west coast grunge and southern blues roots Wise Youngblood has created a signature sound that separates them from the rest. 

The group's sound features lead vocals that carry you through every emotion detail of each song keeping you singing along every time. Their thunderous drum hits teamed up with the powerful bass tones slap their live shows it into gear. Topping that off with some heavy riffs and addictive licks they will keeps your heads rocking and your feet stompin. 

With their debut EP 'Desert Wake' featuring 'Pyromaniac' and their latest single 'My only Problem' and 'Robot' Wise Youngblood has garnered positive reviews as well as showcased their strong live performance all across Canada. Opening for and sharing stages with bands such as Monster Truck, One Bad Son, The Wild!, Band of Rascals, Aviator Shades and many more this small town band is showing everyone that they are here to stay.


The Royal