Mindfulness and Food at Essential Yoga Studio

5:45pm - 6:45pm

Research shows that you can't exercise your way to a weight that you think is idea. So what is the missing link for us as far as nutrition and weight?  For most of us, its how we look at food, what we perceive to be truth about our relationship to food and more.  For this 4-week session, we will meet to discuss how to achieve healthy eating habits, how what we think influences how and what we eat and how we sabotage ourselves from being at a weight that makes us feel comfortable in our bodies.  We'll also discuss how to enjoy what we eat and get rid of cravings and most of all how to eat so we feel great! This 4-week session will be all about you and discovering more about how you can empower yourself.   Learn to have an eating lifestyle where you don't feel deprived of foods that you enjoy.

This 4-week program will look at letting go of guilt, regret or the idea of good and bad in food choices. We will share in how to live mindfully and how to integrate this idea into a way of eating. Dealing with our meals etc, is not a battle to be fought. Instead, we must learn how to make friends with our challenges and create a deeper understanding of ourselves. This session will be every Sunday afternoon from 3:45-5:45pm, starting January 14th. The cost of the course is $99. Each class we will meet to discuss new ideas and share in a yoga and meditative practice designed to guide our food choices. Join with a friend and save 25%

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