Conscious Relationship Workshop at Soar Studios

7:30pm - 9:00pm

​Tools for growing together and separately with Catherine Pawasarat and Doug Duncan.

Doug and Catherine teach internationally and virtually through They are also resident teachers at Clear Sky Retreat Center near Fort Steele, BC

Relationships are essential to living a meaningful and rewarding life, and yet also the source of some of our greatest difficulties. Why is it that we are often most emotionally triggered by those we are closest to? What can we do to increase growth and connection in our relationships?

Cost: $50/series or $20/class to cover administrative fees + Dāna / pay-from-the-heart for the teachings (suggested donation $15 - $40).

These teachings are offered by Doug & Catherine Sensei as a form of Dāna (traditional generosity giving) and likewise, attendees are asked to reciprocate generously to the teachers. There will be a Dāna bowl available in the foyer at the Studio for you to give your offering.

Please learn more about this ancient practice hereRegister online today.

In the Beginning
Jan 13, 7:30-9pm

When we’re single or have just arrived in a new community, we spend a lot of time looking for relationships, friendships, romantic relationships, mentors. When a relationship begins, it’s both exciting and terrifying. How do we enjoy the gifts relationships offer without losing our sense of freedom? How do we know whether they will withstand the challenges of time and personalities and wills? We take a look at these questions from the perspective of personal transformation, healthy relating, and spiritual unfoldment.

Being in Relationship 
Jan 27, 7:30-9pm

It’s a natural human instinct to be in relationship. We are, after all, social animals! How can we enjoy healthy relationships without committing to a particular kind of relationship with a particular person? How can we honor longstanding relationships and still grow? How can we love another person or other people, and continue to feel like our journey of discovery together is fresh and new? How can we be happy and support another person to be happy as well? 

Transforming through Relationship 
Feb 10, 7:30-9pm

Sometimes relationships have served their purpose. How can we continue to grow together? Or if we can’t, how can we move on healthfully, both separately and as friends?

Course Outcomes:

  • Discover how to practice mindfulness and compassion in the midst of interpersonal conflict and emotional challenges
  • Learn how to deepen awareness of yourself and tendencies through the relationships in your life
  • Gain tools for more honest and constructive communication
  • Learn how to leverage the relationships in your life for the greatest growth of all involved