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The allure of having a greenhouse in a cold climate is very strong for gardeners, both new and experienced. Greenhouses can be an excellent season extension tool; however, they come with some problems too! They can be a great resource for season extension (growing crops earlier in the spring and later in the fall) as well as creating an environment that provides a little extra boost for heat loving plants such as peppers and melons.

Why hello Fernie! Aren’t you looking gorgeous? Everything is budding and ready to sprout for this year’s garden season. I am often asked to share my knowledge on growing food in the Elk Valley, so I thought I would create a crash course on cold-climate gardening. Each month I’ll be providing tips on how to improve your cold climate food production.

Well this Spring has been an excellent example of the resiliency required to grow food in the Elk Valley. It kind of reminds Ashley Lortscher of a Katy Perry song? So she’s back with more beta for cold climate gardening!

The Arts Station is hosting an all-ages Paint Battle, ET Hair Salon welcomes a new member to the team and Valley Vitals and Stocked Co. come together to bring you household waste solutions.