The Elk Valley Ultra 50km race takes place Saturday July 29, 2017 and Sarah helps with tips to prevent overuse injuries.

Last month I had the pleasure of racing in the PPP, a fun relay race organized at Fernie Alpine Resort. Throughout the day, I was inspired by what races embody: teamwork (this was a relay for most), accomplishments (some completed solo, some teams were competitive, other were proud to finish), and fun (team bantering and great costumes made for a hilarious day).


The much anticipated ski season is fast approaching. Here are eight exercises to help you get ready for the season!

1. Squat: Knees over toes, chest up.
2. Bent Over Triceps Kick Backs: straighten arms behind you, parallel to ground.
3. Body Twist: engage your abs and gluts (bum).
4. Left to Right Hop: start slowly and increase to ski speed.
5. Lunge and Twist: alternate legs, slowly twisting in both directions before standing.
6. Push Up: make sure to drop to your knees if you feel any discomfort.
7. Back Extensions: squeeze/engage your gluts prior to each lift.