A single traumatic event can lead to a lifetime of fear, and many reactive dogs have experienced trauma in their lives. That single isolated incident – maybe an attack by another dog – can produce fear that generalizes very quickly. Soon all dogs are something to be feared and reactive behaviour becomes a way to keep fearful things at a distance. Constantly feeling fearful isn’t a great way to live.

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Each year increasing numbers of skiers, snowboard­ers, and climbers venture into the mountains to enjoy snow-related outdoor recreation. Regrettably, each year some of these people die in avalanches. AST programs are an essential first step to safe backcountry use in the winter. Course topics include avalanche terrain recognition, ava­lanche climatology, snow stability elevation, alpine touring practices, avalanche accidents and search and rescue techniques. This course is instructed by a qualified member of CAA. Class size is limited to 16.

The Elk Valley Ultra 50km race takes place Saturday July 29, 2017 and Sarah helps with tips to prevent overuse injuries.

Last month I had the pleasure of racing in the PPP, a fun relay race organized at Fernie Alpine Resort. Throughout the day, I was inspired by what races embody: teamwork (this was a relay for most), accomplishments (some completed solo, some teams were competitive, other were proud to finish), and fun (team bantering and great costumes made for a hilarious day).


The much anticipated ski season is fast approaching. Here are eight exercises to help you get ready for the season!

1. Squat: Knees over toes, chest up.
2. Bent Over Triceps Kick Backs: straighten arms behind you, parallel to ground.
3. Body Twist: engage your abs and gluts (bum).
4. Left to Right Hop: start slowly and increase to ski speed.
5. Lunge and Twist: alternate legs, slowly twisting in both directions before standing.
6. Push Up: make sure to drop to your knees if you feel any discomfort.
7. Back Extensions: squeeze/engage your gluts prior to each lift.