How you can protect yourself and your company from an email scam appearing legitimate but asking you to give up private information including your password.

We live in a complicated time when advancements in technology are occurring at lightning speed, and most of us have to keep up with the new developments to stay current in our jobs, in managing our exposure to and interaction with the media, and in communicating with one another. These advancements have changed so much about our world, from enabling us to “see” our family and friends from across the globe, to getting the most current news updates as events unfold and having all of this information and potential at our fingertips is incredible but it inevitably has a downside.

This month I want to talk about browsing the web securely. Over the last couple of years a number of the large web players, such as Google, have started to push websites and web users to secure websites.

If you have heard about ML, but you don’t understand it and are worried that one day your self-driving car will be taking you to the unemployment office, then this column is for you.

We are all starting to accumulate a great number of files. There are two problems created by this surfeit of files: ensuring they don’t get lost, and finding specific files. 

It's that time of year again. This year I'm going through my list of programs and online services that I use regularly. If you call me and say, “Hey, Answer Guy, my computer's slow. What do I do?” This list is where I start. If you're a regular reader of my column then some of these are going to be old news for you. Don't stop looking though as 'go to' programs do change over time.

Now that virtually every creature with opposable thumbs has a device with a battery in it, it's probably time to cover batteries. I get a fair number of questions, especially from laptop and iPad owners about the life span of batteries. Usually the question comes after they've noticed that it doesn't stay charged very long anymore and the only solution is replacement.

So first things first, you need to know what kind of battery is in your device.

There are three common types:

Why is Facebook worth anything? I’ve had this question a number of times since Facebook announced their upcoming public Initial Public Offering (IPO). This is an interesting question to me because it speaks specifically to our understanding of what is valuable. And more importantly what is valued by the marketplace versus the public.

Caveats first: I’m not an economist nor financial advisor so don’t assume anything in this column has any value beyond a bemused, “Hmm” and you’ll be safe.

It’s a new year and along with the diet, exercise, time with family and general vice reduction resolutions that appear this time of year, getting organized is often mixed in. However, getting organized with regards to your computer can often seem daunting.