We tend to think that complexity is what makes a good password, but we don’t really understand complexity. We think if it looks more complicated then it must be better, but entropy is a better measurement of difficulty in guessing than complexity.

One of the requests I get regularly is how to send large files to other people. While there is no best way there are better ways than just attaching it to an email.


These aren’t specific to Gmail, but that’s the context. Specifically, Gmail when it’s used in the context of Google Apps.

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We are building a Lego town complete with all our favourite parks, places, shops and amenities. This is a registration only program. You must register online.

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Are you a senior that is keen to learn about your ipad, laptop or tablet? Do you have questions about your gmail account, the app store, youtube or reading/ listening to books online? Come and join a librarian on Wednesday afternoons and succeed in unraveling some of these mysteries in technology. Please bring your device & any necessary passwords. There is a limit of one device per session to allow time for other patrons

I recently had a friend contact me about a disturbing email they’d received. The writer of the email purported to have compromised my friend’s account. That they had access to their computer, their email, and their webcam.

Recently a friend asked me about managing photos on her iPhone. She is a prolific photographer, taking photos for personal and professional social media use. Her challenge is managing the volume of photos, but also being able to go back and find them again.

Caller ID has been around for years. Most of us have it on our phones. We use it to decide if we need to answer that ring. It’s especially handy at letting us know when we don’t need to answer. But caller ID is being weaponized to get you to answer even when you don’t want to.

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Destination BC and Kootenay Rockies Tourism are pleased to present the Grow with Google program. The Grow with Google program goal is for small businesses to grow and succeed online by providing training and support materials.

Through a series of FREE workshops, you can learn about the resources and tools available through Google that can help your business thrive, including Google Analytics, Google My Business, and Google ads.

Join for the three sessions including:

What is it and why do you want it?