When thinking of sports to feature in the December issue of a ski town magazine, football probably wouldn’t be at the top of the list. While we know Fernie is much more than a ski town, it definitely is not known for football. Canada however has a rich history in football and many are likely still recovering from the festivities of the Canadian Football Leagues 100th Grey Cup Game held November 25 in Toronto.


At one point during every month I panic a bit thinking of a new sport for the next EA sports column. Then I read something, meet someone new or see a segment on a sports channel that makes me realize they are so many sports I haven’t even touched on yet. It was actually due to a friend’s CBC sports blog about her husband’s retirement that sparked my June article.

This month I asked Fernie resident Cathy Morris of the Massage Place to enlighten us on the world of ski cross.

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Early in November, 2011 I was chatting with a friend about spending the winter in Whistler and mentioned that I was considering talking to Dave Ellis (Director of Sport, Canada Ski Cross) about massage opportunities with the Canadian Ski Cross team. I left her office, and literally bumped into Dave. Our conversation went something like this:
“I was just talking about you. Would you by any chance need any help with the Ski Cross team this winter?”

Wear your helmet, photo by V.Croome

Sports bring joy to people in so many ways, through personal accomplishment, winning euphoria, the adrenaline of participation and even just the entertainment of being a spectator. Unfortunately as with anything in life there are lows amongst these highs. As such an avid sports fan it is tough to discuss such a downer topic but the reality is if you play a sport competitively or recreationally injuries can and will happen.

Em's Last Dual Slalom Run Emily Brydon finished off her impressive career in Nakiska at Nationals this March, winning her tenth National Championship, skiing the Dual Slalom in "style", and celebrating alongside her teammates with BC/DC at COP and onto Ceili's Pub for the evening. To say she was exhausted is an understatement, to say she was excited about what the future holds equally so...particularly the immediate future.