It is fantastic to see the events calendar continue to grow after a couple of years of being ‘at least six feet apart.’ Here are some of the highlights throughout the season, make sure to visit for more information and the full list of opportunities to choose from during your stay. 

It’s a spooky scene when I pull up to the 7am morning meeting, as Mountain Operations Manager. As everyone gathers outside the maintenance shop, a thick mist and dim light shrouds the crew. Conversation mills around their exceptional weekend adventures. Priorities become the topic. Opening day looms on our calendar. Anticipation creeps in, looking forward to the soon-to-come silent fall of hundreds of centimetres and that gentle caress of floating through deep soft snow, connecting with friends on a spiritual level as you enjoy your common love for winter.

The Fernie Fat biking community has taken off with new trails, new riders and yes, newer technology which for some bikers means a new fat bike.

Over the last week I have been skipping the roads and the Wigwam and exploring in town. Here is what I've found so far!

River Road is good to go, and adds more climbing to your ride than Cokato to Morrissey or Elko.

Seasons are on the move. And with them come a whole host of changes, many of which shock you like hail in the face and leave you wondering where that Indian summer just went to. Apparently back to India. But what are you left with? A short day, with a lot to accomplish it seems. Since when did life get so darn busy?