Sadie Rosgen

As we prepare for the fall to cease and the wondrous snow to appear, I am reminded of a lovely new friend who paid me a visit in Fernie years ago. She was experiencing snow for the first time in her life and it was remarkable to witness! As our community welcomes people from all over the world for another winter season, I am reminded of her, her curiosity, and exuberance surrounding snow and its inescapable grasp throughout our magical winters.

Becoming Snow
by Sadie Rosgen 

In a small town like Fernie, our dedicated community spaces are sacred places in nature where we all get to play. Often these spaces are maintained by the City and/or by the efforts of the many dedicated volunteers. One of my favourite places to hit is the Fernie Rail Yard Dog Park. Its gorgeous off leash areas and paved walking trails are stunning.

Many of us Canadians can speak a bit of French. If a person wanted, you could simply read the label of almost anything produced or imported in Canada to get a lesson. When I was younger and headed to school, a newly minted French Immersion program meant I would learn this romantic and seemingly available language. I value this experience and having the ability to write, read, and converse in this language is a privilege. My best pals learned alongside me in a neighbourhood of moms, leaning into a culture they knew little about but were keen to enrich their children with. 

Christmas time was a special time for my brother and I. Jake was younger, endlessly curious, and always ready for action. He hung on every word I spoke and loved everything I loved for a time.

As the fall burns up the living things and winter comes upon us, my mind wanders to those new mothers out there and the delicious anticipation of a baby. I am so fortunate to have two babies of my own and as they approach double digits, I am reminded of the slow moments of connection between the old and the new. The coming together of a family welcoming their newest member. The sleepless nights that bring on the delirious delicious love that babies bring.

This year I have been bestowed the great honor of being named Poet Laureate of The Fernie Academy. This means so much to me not only because I get to raise awareness around literacy during poetry month, simply put, I get to write poems and support my community with my skills as an artist. I also get to inspire young writers, (among them, my two strong boys) and encourage the creative impulse in kids and adults of all ages.

“Great art picks up where nature ends” - Marc Chagall

When I first met Ashley Wolodka, I was instantly attracted to the fire in her eyes. 

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” -Vincent Van Gogh

September can feel like the most anticipated goodbye to a deliciously golden season. Summer is a season so anticipated here that we are grieving its departure before it’s fully over! Summer, sweet, sweet summertime. As we dawn our masks and crack open the books for another academic year, I remind you to reminisce, to soak up those September rays, and remember how life sometimes can feel perfectly in bloom. 

Spirited Summer

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