Sadie Rosgen

Spenser Fawcett is a welcoming smile, an avid flower gardener, a gentle pat on the back, a genuine wealth of fun, a Frisbee golfer, and an advocate for cannabis and it’s evolving culture. He is all things knowledgeable when it comes to what you should, could, and want to indulge in to elevate your human experience. 

As I meditate on what it means to begin again, I am doing just that: beginning again. I will learn to trust my body and the fortitude of my mind to rise and be stronger. I am broken but will heal.

Freedom is everything. This month Sadie wrote with the ancestors. She took the freedom to dig into the past and find the history that made us free, at least in this country anyway.

As spring shines in, I have been awarded the great honour of Poet Laureate by the Fernie Academy for poetry month. I value this title beyond measure as I recognize that simply by doing what I love, I am accepted, I am recognized, and I am valued by my community. 

Terry Nelson takes a short break from his outdoor adventuring and book hawking to join Sadie this month.

This month, Sadie took to the streets, restaurants, trails, campsites, and a few other dimly lit corners of Fernie to beseech the masses about the choices they’ve made in life.

Getting their inspiration from photographs this month to conjure their curiosity. 

When Benji Schmitt swam over to me at the Fernie Aquatic Center and asked if he could write with me, I was flattered. He is a keen and wonderful young man. All of eight years of age, he is filled to the brim with whimsy and curiosity. I obliged his earnest request and together we created a piece that examined our full potential. Thank you for swimming over to me that day! Enjoy.


By Sadie Rosgen and Benji Schmitt


In the realm of possibility,

I draw pictures in my mind.

Through my hand,