Event Date(s): 
Monday, July 1, 2019

The fourth annual Cardboard Boat Race returns for a splashing good time on Maiden Lake!

Open to anyone who would like to enter or just head on over to Maiden Lake behind Independent Grocers and watch the fun!


Photo by Pam Andrew

There being such a shortage of hills around Dunedin, the Three Peaks Mountain Race is an annual 26km trail race up and down three of these; starting just above sea-level, runners slog their way up to 700m to reach peak number one (Flagstaff), wend their way along a saddle to peak number two (Swampy Summit), drop down to about 250m, climb back up to 700m for peak number three (Mt Cargill) and then drop back down to sea-level once more. In short: it’s long, it’s tough, and there’s a lot of up and down.

If you’ve ever watched or competed in the PPP, you may know who this speedy ball of energy is, as she undoubtedly passed you on a solo mission. On a more recent mission (the Elkford Triathlon) Laura proceeded to bike home after winning the solo woman category and heard, “Miss, the finish is in the other direction.” She responded, “I’m already done, just heading home to Fernie,” and saw a very confused look on the course marshal’s face.

I didn’t really start running until I moved to Fernie nine years ago and the main reason I started was to help me quit smoking. I was always athletic and reasonably fit but had smoked for five years before I accepted the fact that it was killing me. Quitting was not an easy task, so to fight off the cravings I would go for a run. It was horrible and made me realize just how bad smoking had been for me. As it got easier and easier, I became more fit and started to enjoy running.

NAKISKA, Alta. -- Rosemary Brydon wasn't holding back.

Adorned in a wild red and white Canadian Maple Leaf hat decorated with tiny bells, and clanging her cowbell wildly, Brydon greeted her daughter Emily with a warm hug and then posed for pictures on Wednesday morning after her run in the GMC Canadian alpine skiing championships women's super-G.

For years, Emily said, jokingly, she was "mortified" by the vision of her cheering mother near the finish line, but now, finally she can't get enough of it.