Family On the Planet, Planetary Scenario
by SADIE ROSGEN Featuring Creative Minds Preschool

As the late Whitney Houston sang, I believe the children are our future. 

So how do you write a poem with 16 four and five-year-olds who are learning how to read and write? Easy. They have a lot to say. Their arms shoot up in excitement as they tell you everything about their incredible lives with a few sage words about how we all ought to do better. 

A fantastical, often rhyming, love letter that is meant to be sung, danced or played (player’s choice).


“Inside A Year”

I pace the labyrinth of this young year

I am transfixed
a captive audience to my astonishment

a suspended piece of flesh floating fervently past the wide open doorway inside my mind where I find the words


an explanation for the beginning


looking through the lens of celebration
anticipation strikes hard
a table is decorated
expectations infuriated
the time away is here
time to reap
time to slow
time is running out

it’s on the wallpaper
that distant gasping lullaby from a certain time you always remember

in comes a gentle cleansing breath

a rumble in the street
branches buckling beneath my feet
I march the same path I once did
callously cold
begging to believe I was older than I am now

I am older now


When Benji Schmitt swam over to me at the Fernie Aquatic Center and asked if he could write with me, I was flattered. He is a keen and wonderful young man. All of eight years of age, he is filled to the brim with whimsy and curiosity. I obliged his earnest request and together we created a piece that examined our full potential. Thank you for swimming over to me that day! Enjoy.


By Sadie Rosgen and Benji Schmitt


In the realm of possibility,

I draw pictures in my mind.

Through my hand,