A friend is one soul abiding in two bodies. 

Friendship is a sheltering tree.
-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends. 
Virginia Wolf

As the new year begs for peace and innovation, imagination and reconciliation, the question that hangs in the air is, “what will this year bring?” 

My curiosity is peppered by a touch of anxiety. 2023 was A LOT. I boldly and (luckily) am moving forward. Maybe 2024 can be a good news year? My speculation is met with optimism (always) and therefore, I am hopeful. Is there any other way? 

One foot in front of the other. Here we go again! 

Happy 2024, everyone.

Good News Year 
by Sadie Rosgen

Event Date(s): 
Wednesday, December 6, 2023

You are invited to attend Poetry Reflections, a From the Heart Zoom event. The theme for the evening is With the Waters.

Three Indigenous poets will share their connection with water through their work and stories: James Pakootas, Stevey Seymour, and Smokii Sumac.

Each guest brings their unique sight, and together with these perspectives and our own reflection, they will share intimacy with the element of Water in our lives. This will be a lyrical and inspiring evening.

As we prepare for the fall to cease and the wondrous snow to appear, I am reminded of a lovely new friend who paid me a visit in Fernie years ago. She was experiencing snow for the first time in her life and it was remarkable to witness! As our community welcomes people from all over the world for another winter season, I am reminded of her, her curiosity, and exuberance surrounding snow and its inescapable grasp throughout our magical winters.

A recent trip to Vancouver has me missing the ocean and the swoony, salty feelings that it brings. I am so very lucky to have lived on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. As you welcome harvest with the fall season, I hope that it can be spent with people and food that you enjoy very much!

As we emerge into another school year, I am reminded of this beginning through my own children and their educational experience. Parents and guardians are presented with numerous options when it comes to attaining and sustaining education and the promotion of lifelong learning. I was incredibly fortunate to have grown up in a country where education is available to me as a woman.


“A dog is love’s purest shadow.” 
-Angie Weiland-Crosby

Growing up, I always had a dog. Always black with a bit of white. Always a border collie cross of some kind. When I left home to study,  I promised myself I would get another dog when I was ready. Fast forward to 29 year-old-Sadie living in Nova Scotia, now married. I was ready. 

Recently I spent an ideal day at the IDEAL Ranch where my son and his classmates learned about all things farming, growing, and poetry writing! I was so pleased to learn that one of the many engaging activities there was a creative romp through the linguistic. As my son’s class separated into four separate groups, they were encouraged to try writing a “panto” style poem. Poems were created using dramatic movements, repetition, and colourful voice affects. I was overjoyed to find the children engaging in a deep way with their environment and words. 

As a recent judge of The Fernie Academy Poetry Slam 2023, I was called to judge these brave and vulnerable kids once again. Children who bear their souls through Poe and Plath, who rhyme their own words with passion and poise as I sit there, mouth agape wondering how on earth I am the one to judge them. Luckily, there are others there with me, basking in the words of yore and now. Judging. Out of all of the original work that evening, one particular poem moved me a great deal. It scored the highest in its category of original work and it is my pleasure to publish it here.

In a small town like Fernie, our dedicated community spaces are sacred places in nature where we all get to play. Often these spaces are maintained by the City and/or by the efforts of the many dedicated volunteers. One of my favourite places to hit is the Fernie Rail Yard Dog Park. Its gorgeous off leash areas and paved walking trails are stunning.