The very best reason I can think of for investing time, energy, and money into self-care is that adult mindset and behaviour has a huge influence on the young people nearby. It is difficult to take care of ourselves the way we would like to because the demands of the world outside us never stop screaming. 

So, with a couple of weeks securely under my belt of sporadically flipping and flopping between wellies, winter boots and, well, flip-flops, it is blatantly obvious that Spring is now well underway. Weird weather patterns – a near frostbitten bike to work, a sweaty one home at the end of the day, with strange looks at my unseasonal choice of outfit, somewhat gives it away. Not to mention the switch from twin-tips to full suspension machines, the increasing number of inadvertent tan lines, the plethora of townies and the general cheerful demeanor of pretty much everyone.