Nic Milligan

People expect Mayor and Council to have a vision. For some, that is how they judge any decision the body of Council makes. Interestingly, only very few ever ask or express any interest in what that vision might be. My personal vision for Fernie, reportedly the second fastest growing community in British Columbia, is that through this inevitable growth the community we know and love maintains its authenticity, safety, and resilient social fabric. That it remains a destination of choice for visitors and new residents alike. 

When this goes to print, I will have been Mayor of Fernie for a year. That feels amazing to me, both that the time has gone so fast and that it’s only been a year. 

In my role I have recently visited classrooms and spoken to children and young adults of various ages. I love these visits because, while I have some prepared prompts, I almost never use them. The students have usually readied a bunch of questions that generate a great discussion, and it occupies most of the visit. 

As summer transitions into autumn and the larch fade to pale green then to gold, it’s almost impossible not to think about change. And, when you live in a community you love it is a constant lingering consideration, perhaps not in the forefront, but in the background. 

I appreciate I’m not writing an advice column, there are people far better equipped. But, at this writing, I have been asked to present scholarships at Fernie’s two high schools and say a few words. And, while I also appreciate that I’m not being asked to provide the commencement address (for reference look up the transcript of David Foster-Wallace’s This is Water for a singularly outstanding example), it is hard not to offer some advice for graduates.

A long-unoccupied building in Fernie collapsed recently. Gratefully nobody was hurt, and it is now moving toward orderly demolition. In my memory it was a commercial storefront. When I was a boy, it was it was a Pop Shoppe, where you excitedly took your plastic crate of empties and, after returning them, you refilled the crate with a selection of your favourites like Cream Soda and Black Cherry, flavours the thought of which today make my teeth ache in my jaw.

I am very grateful for the good people in this community. One of those people, a kind soul, great new mom, and talented potter, gifted me a handmade coffee mug immediately post-election. The mug is embossed with trees and an image of the Lorax, the creation of Dr. Suess. You may see me using it at Council meetings.

Event Date(s): 
Saturday, September 17, 2022
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Join Nic Milligan who is running for Mayor of Fernie, at the Fernie Legion for his campaign kickoff.

Runs from 6pm until 8pm.

Drop-in style event with free pizza available while it lasts! They look forward to connecting with all of you.