Natural remedies

I love summer. It's is a great time of year to recharge your diet and your health. Eating seasonally throughout the winter can make it difficult to get excited about your next meal of roasted yams or stuffed squash, but in the summer the palette of colors comes alive with seasonal summer fruit and vegetables. We have more energy in general, boosted by the extra hours of daylight and the appearance of the warm, energizing sun. Our activites tend to take us out of the gym, and into the outdoors, which makes it easier (and a little less scary) to try new things.

PMS, postpartum depression, menopause, mood swings…all of these are labels for a specific type of mood disorder that is characterized as being the result of various shifts in hormone levels across a woman’s life span. These shifts can be minor, resulting in barely noticeable irritability or a short period of the “blues”, or they can be more severe, as is the case in postpartum psychosis. These hormone shifts are normal, but sometimes our body chemistry responds to them abnormally.